Trouble Shooting & Diagnostics

Pinpointing problems in electrical systems can be tricky. Poor connections, corroded outlets, too many high-amp appliances running on a single circuit – these are only a few examples of what can cause problems within a building’s electrical system, whether it’s your home or business. Thanks to years of experience in working with all kinds of electrical systems, our technicians can quickly and efficiently evaluate the extent of the problem, using the latest test equipment. We will then make the necessary repairs at a reasonable cost to the customer.

JK&L can help with these types of electrical issues:

  • Over current protection problems (blown fuses, tripped circuit breakers)
  • Light fixture problems, malfunctioning lighting control systems
  • Unexplained power loss
  • Low voltage and other power flow problems
  • Troubleshooting and repairing industrial motor control systems
  • Voice and data – network connectivity problems